Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Commenting on “All About Blake” blog, Period A4

Lichelle Garcia’s “Dreams”, annotates the quote of Blake’s, “No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.” Garcia clarifies that people have to go after their own dreams and not someone else’s. I had not viewed this quote as Lichelle had but now that I read her explanation I agree entirely. Her description of the quote gives an enlightenment of the true meaning. When I first examined Blake’s quote my first thoughts came as, if someone does something by their self without cheating they would get further in life. After reading the quote again another thought crossed my mind, that there are no limits to anything that you obtain. If your willing to take chances and do whatever you want nothing appears impossible. I didn’t really have a clear understanding of the quote so I didn’t have many clear thoughts. But, with Lichelle’s annotation I can see what Blake was trying to say. Which was even by doing things by ourselves it does not necessarily mean that we will get far in life. We count on our dreams, if we had no dreams their would be no point in moving on. Dreams are what brings us further in life. We all have dream life’s with dream jobs, dream cars, dream homes, and just about everything else that evolves around dreams. When these dreams are ruined or taken away nothing else matters. A quote caught my attention which supported my agreement with Garcia’s explanation even more, she said “Whether it be reaching for your dreams or striving to improve, when pursuing them on your own ambitions, they will never be out of arms reach.” This quote made me believe that by going for your own goals or dreams nothing seems impossible. Impossible shows up when following after someone else’s dreams. That’s the reason why the want or enthusiasm disappears, no one will go further or achieve what they don’t want. An example that was found in Lichelle’s post indicates that many parents burden their children into a profession. The children will then create fake dreams to please their parents. Once these false perceptions develop standards are then made that the children can not meet. So, therefore by following your own dreams and taking actions to reach them, anything is possible. Overall, this blog provided in dept details of the quote. For someone that is recently learning about Blake this post would be a great one to look over. This post displays that the poetry William wrote had an impact on him. There was a reason for everything he wrote or said. All of his pieces of work had some sort of significance to them. Especially the ones that describe things people can relate to and annotate in different ways. I enjoyed how this blog displayed the poems with the post. This way people could understand what they were talking about. The blog could also teach people that Blake viewed things in his own way. He had not taken others ideas but transformed them into how he viewed them and influenced his ideas on others. Even if William's work was not understood people could see it how they wanted to without forcing an idea into someone's head. 

To view Lichelle’s post click the hyperlink below.
"Dreams" by Lichelle Garcia

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