Thursday, December 30, 2010

How "The Little Boy Lost" and "The Little Boy Found" relate to each other

William Blake’s two poems, “The Little Boy Lost” and “The Little Boy Found” convey a message of fear. Such as children having a fear of their parents leaving or losing them. On the other hand, parents have a similar anxiety, of losing a child or harm inflicted on their children. The first two stanzas of “The Little Boy Lost”, portrays that the father that walks fast and does not slow down leaves the boy on purpose. In stanza 3-4 the boy tries to keep up with his father, since the boy knows he will not come back. Once the boy can’t keep up the night soon draws near, dew then overcomes the child. The boy then wandered into a thick mud. With the child full of fear he seems to give up and starts to cry. Once this happens the mist of dew disappears as if all of the boy’s fears should also and that he also has a bright future ahead of him. “The Little Boy Found” explains what happens after the dew disappears which brings up the question of why they are two individual poems instead of one. The reason for the similar titles shows the relationship between the poems, also the title having “The Little Boy” indicates the same boy in both poems. When reading, “The Little Boy Found” in the first stanza he is led from the mire by a wand’ring light. A wand’ring light can indicate a spirit, an angel, his father, or the Lord. Which ever it was the boy thought it was God even though it had “Appeared like his father in white”. A reason for this could relate to the Bible, where God represents a father to all. In the Bible God presents his self as a leader that leads his children in the right direction. So, when God leads the boy home to his mother all fear disappears just as the Lord has promised. The last two stanzas “Who in sorrow pale, Thro’ the lonely dale her little boy weeping sought.” describe the mother as sorrow pale. Which indicates the mother could not find her son without the Lord’s help. If this sentence refers to the mother then I believe that when searching in the lonely dale she hadn’t searched the mire. So, when she was close by the Lord had directed the little boy to his mother. Also when taking a look at the two poems one can see they both reside in the Songs of Innocence. A reason for this could relate to the fact that the poems describe a little boy’s fear. By all children having a sense of innocence this boy could still have his innocence. So, therefore that’s why the Lord decided to help guide this child back to his mother.

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