Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogging Response to "All about Blake"

The blog “All about Blake” is one that was put together to cover the romantic poet William Blake. I chose this blog because it has a lot of similarities to the one my group is working on. I like how they have it set up with the different pictures, and a few videos. I feel that it gives more depth to the blog and makes it more appealing to look at. They do a good job of interpreting what Blake says through his poetry. An article that sticks out to me is “The Lamb and The Tyger” I like how they explained what it stood for. The audio reading of “The Tyger” gave me a better understanding because my mind was able to comprehend while I was listening to it instead of just speed reading through it like I normally do. It gives the viewer a good alternative to just reading. This was an excellent idea on their part.   I feel like these two poems express Blake’s main idea about innocence and experience very well which is important to understanding Blake's work. What I also like about this blog is how it put in a few poems that I wasn’t familiar with I think that this gives me a wider range of Blake’s poetry for my own blog and the other readers.
This blog is important to understanding the romantic poet William Blake because it gives an overall synopsis of him.  They have many of his popular poems on their blog each with a description that gives the reader a little more knowledge to what is going on in the poem. It is also a good glimpse into Blake’s mind. This blog teaches them that William Blake had a deep understanding of the world around him. He definitely sees it differently than a lot of other people in his time did and still do today. This shows that what he though back then is still valuable today. Blake has a confusing way of talking and these posts help clear that up. I think the posts that the blog has so far, made it easier to understand what Blake was trying to say.

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