Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blogging Response to "The Best of Blake"

While looking through all of the blog names on Mr. Keen’s website I stumbled across a blog with the name, “The Best of Blake.” Out of all the blogs that I looked at, I thought this one had the most sophisticated and intriguing title. This blog is about the same poet I am researching for my blogging assignment, William Blake. I realized this blog could potentially help me, and my team members, with our blog assignment. I opened up this blog and I automatically liked their set up. It was very well organized and something that stood out the most was the welcome note at the top of the page. It gave a brief description on their blog and made William Blake sound interesting. This blog site had many videos that were interesting and unique. One video that I found most captivating was in a post called “William Blake is an Artist,” by Kendal Kern. This video showed all of Blake’s art work, and she gave a description of Blake’s life below the video. She gave some incredible insight on William Blake’s life, and she talked about how he became an artist and what inspired him. She wrote, “Many people believed he was a mad man, but later he became known as one of the greatest English Literature contributions of all time.” I thought it was interesting to hear about how people despised him, yet he was a huge part of the development English literature. Another thing that I thought was interesting about this post was that it talked about all of Blake’s interests. I never knew that Blake engraved most of his poetry. I thought this was extremely interesting because most poets wrote their poetry with pen and paper, this truly showed his artistry. This blog is very insightful and creative; it gives plenty of information about Blake as a person, an artist, and a poet. If someone never knew about William Blake, this blog would be a good place to go for information because it teaches you about Blake in a fun, original way, that helps someone engage in this topic, the topic of William Blake. 
 CLICK HERE to access this blog site.

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