Monday, January 3, 2011

Love's Secret

William Blake’s poem “Love’s Secret” seems short but to the point.  In this poem Blake tells about a young man who confessed his love for a women and she rejected him.  Blake's trying to convey that love is left better unsaid. He's saying that when telling a person of your love it can destroy it and leave it worthless. The wind in this poem symbolizes fate. It moves silently of its own accord and the people on earth have no real power over it.  The idea of love can scare people away; they may take it the wrong or think a relationship is moving too fast. I know in my personnel life that love doesn’t always seem like a safe thing to me. When opening your heart and loving someone, your giving them the power to crush you, which is what happened in this poem (this is why Blake says “never seek to tell thy love.”). In the second stanza the narrator describes telling his lover that he needs her with all of his heart.  In the poem the boy express's that he is “trembling, cold, in ghastly fears” while explaining himself to the girl. Meaning that the boy is scared to tell the girl how he feels, because he does not want that sort of rejection.
The man's worst fears came true. The woman didn't want to hear about this love, and left with another man. Commitment is scary for the women in this story. Perhaps, she had been in a relationship before and it didn’t end well leaving her fearing love. She doesn’t have a problem finding men, but she does have a problem holding on to them. She’s scared that if she lets herself get attached she will get hurt. This is not a fulfilling way to live a life. Love is risky, but that is one of the things that make its so rewarding once you find it. Blake doesn’t seem to believe this, he feels it would be better to just leave things the way they are then to take a chance and mess everything up. Blake views love as sacred and something that should not be talked about, because that can destroy its value.

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